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Lord and Lady Fairisle

Lord and Lady Fairisle live in Raglan Hall. Lord Fairisle inherited the stately home from the Earl of Cardigan and every Saturday during the summer they open their doors to the public. They also host the Unravel music festival in the grounds of the estate.

Lord Fairisle enjoys driving his beloved Ford Merino despite being a little short sighted

Lady Fairisle runs the local gun club and is an excellent markswoman. She has a much pampered pug called Prince Albert.

Lady Fairisle cocking her gun

Prince Albert and puppies

Butler to Lord and Lady Fairisle, Kenneth has served at Raglan Hall for the last 10 years. He prides himself on his quiet servitude, uncorking all the bottles of Ballinger Champagne during the many hunts on the estate as well as dusting the mounted animals. He is seen as quite a rock to the Fairisles.

Kenneth liked to get into every nook and cranny at Raglan Hall